Indoor Air Quality

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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Efficiently

Standard air cleaners have filters that are very dense, stopping dust by trapping it in a slightly porous filter; the fewer the pores, the more dust it can trap. However, this not only stops the dust and dirt, it also stops the air from moving properly. This can result in less efficient air cleaning and a lack of comfort in your home. This is referred to as pressure drop and can end up costing you money as the system works harder to clean the air. At EMG Mechanical, we use top-of-the-line technology in our air filtration systems. They have the lowest pressure drop with the highest efficiency possible. Call EMG Mechanical today to see how we can make sure your indoor air quality stays as high as possible!

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Small Particles, Large Effects

Particles such as dust, smoke, and bacteria are often .3 microns or less. These particles are so small that your nose and throat aren’t able to filter them. Therefore, allergens can get deep into your lungs, causing health issues for you and your family. If you want to improve the indoor air quality of your living space, Call EMG Mechanical today. The installation or repair of your air filtration systems can reduce the presence of allergy and asthma triggers in your home, such as dust, pollen, pet hair, dander, fungus, mildew, and more.

How it Works

At EMG Mechanical, our air filters utilize patented, breakthrough, air-cleaning technology to remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the filter. It catches particles as small as .1 micron, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room filters and up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-inch filter. This can make a significant difference in the air quality of your home!

Looking for additional ways to improve your indoor air quality? Consider duct cleaning and the installation of whole-home humidifiers to breathe easier!

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